About Me - Sediji

     Coming from a design background I learn that design allows us to interpret the perception of an entity. We perceive our environment through our senses. From it, we gain experience that would eventually define us.      

     Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell are senses we use to get through our daily lives. It provides us the experience, and through preference we focus on the senses that interest us the most. From the five senses, I enjoy sight the most. From it, I defined my career through it.    

     My name is Docle Le, a graphic designer that interprets an entity through visual means. My enjoyment and goal is to create a visual that would allow us to go through our senses, even though it is physically impossible to do so. It’s that challenge that allows me pursue many genre of the visual industry, primarily through photography and post production with the knowledge of design.



Post Production


Graphic Design


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