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My name is Docle Le, a freelancer that specializes in post-production with the ability to provide photography and design from a network of like-minded talents.

I create, organize, modify, and polish visual content, from start to completion, or somewhere in the middle. The approach to my business is unique; my resources are scalable, focused so that it will fit reasonably within your desired results while optimizing cost and efficiency. Whether you need me to work directly with your team as a retoucher or need a group to work on an extensive catalog, campaign, or e-commerce, I can provide my services and build a network of talent from the size of the project. 


My target is to discuss and analyze your objectives and then utilize that information to create unique or polish visual assets for your brand.


From elegantly polished to compelling complexities, post-production is what drives visual identity that would invoke interest to an image all while maintaining an efficient workflow.

Whether masterfully retouching campaign visuals or that eCommerce imagery that deserves finesse, my team and I bring highly developed post-production dexterity derived from over combined decades of collaborations, art styles, and ingenuity.


My target is to discuss and analyze your objectives and provide input on approaches that would create unique visuals for your brand.

Visit the Portfolio section to see what we're capable of.



The slides below show where the image came from to completion.

Tip: Click slides to enlarge

Before & After
Package Renderings


From an idea to approved package design, having realistic renderings help get ideas across without having to spend the initial cost on printing. It's a great visual aid for design refinements, marketing decks, presentations, eCommerce, and as well as many other uses. As long there is a packaging die line, the work done is reasonably quick.



It's that little extra something that changes everything. Virtual home staging is a cost-effective and time-saving solution to illustrate the potential outcome of the estate that you would like to list for potential buyers and investors.

Virtual Staging


The significance of compelling visuals is valuable. It’s a story to be told and how you are read will be your identity, your brand. Whether it's advertising, eCommerce, or social media, the resources from producers and photographers can provide the necessities to cover the ground on creating incredible content. From a long line list of SKUs to a compelling campaign, we have the skills and resources to bring ideas into materialization.

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